Protecting the Forest

We believe that we should protect the forests that have given us the wonderful natural products that we use at KARU.

We therefore donate one percent of revenues to organizations that protect forests and their communities. You can find the organizations we selected to support initially here. As we grow, we are looking to create impact in this way, as well as doing no harm with our recyclable pouches, as KARU Cares.

We are supporting the Rainforest Trust and Instituto Terra as the first two non-profit organizations with the donations coming from one percent of KARU's revenues.  

Rainforest Trust 

Rainforest Trust protects the worlds’ most threatened species by protecting the ecosystems they depend on


  • Rainforest Trust have demonstrated that safeguarding critical habitat is the most effective way to protect species  over the past 30 years.
  • They work with local partners to develop projects aimed at securing vital habitat and identifying key biodiversity hotspots across the globe that need protection, such as the rainforest in the Amazon basin.
  • By focusing their efforts on these critical biodiversity sites, they can most effectively contribute to helping save the world’s biodiversity and endangered species such as jaguars, macaws, and Amazon river dolphin.

 Learn more on Rainforest Trust's website here


Instituto Terra

Instituto Terra is a Brazilian organization dedicated to environmental restoration of forests and sustainable rural development



  • Instituto Terra is a non-profit civil organization founded in April 1998 to rewild the lost forest in the Rio Doce Valley. 
  • The region was originally covered by the Atlantic Forest and encompasses municipalities in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo.
  • They were able to revive thousands of hectares of degraded Atlantic Forest in the middle Rio Doce and bring back close to 2,000 water springs.
  • A former cattle farm in the area that had completely degraded the land is now home to a forest with a diversity of Atlantic Forest species.
  • Their success shows with the recovery potential of nature, as springs are spouting again and species of Brazilian fauna, at risk of extinction, have flourished in the green safe haven.

Learn more on Instituto Terra's website here