Vegan Sweets and Gluten-Free Sweets that are better for you and taste amazing? We have something for you - just in time for Veganuary!


Quest for delicious vegan Sweets and Treats

Vegan Sweets UK for Veganuary

We at KARU have always been on the lookout for delicious vegan sweets that are somehow still hard find to enjoy for ourselves and to share with family and friends. The motivations for wanting to be vegan were diverse, such as environmental concerns of the impact of our diet, a family member who went vegan for health reasons, or wanting to take a dietary timeout during Veganuary. No matter the reason everyone still wanted an occasional indulgence, and the same is true for those looking for gluten-free sweets. 

As we were building KARU, we therefore focused on plant-based treats and snacks that taste amazing and are also better for you and the planet. Cashews were prefect for this due to their naturally delicious flavour and beneficial nutritional qualities.

Our products’ focus had to be on great taste as we found many of the vegan sweets and gluten-free sweets were often less tasty or at best as good as their non-vegan, gluten based counterparts. Why should vegan sweets and gluten-free sweets have to compromise on taste?

Cacao covered Cashew Nuts without Chocolate or Dairy

Cacao covered Cashew Vegan Sweets and Gluten Free Sweets

KARU Cacao Cashew, our cacao covered salted caramel cashew, come to the rescue! We launched it at the end of 2021, a (vegan) sweet ending to another long year. We only use four ingredients in KARU Cacao: high quality cashews filled with protein and important minerals, a dusting of rich anti-oxidant cacao, a hint of salt, and a thin coat of caramel to wrap it all together, creating a balance of complementing flavours. That’s it, no nastiesDon’t let the simplicity of the ingredients fool you, the taste and satisfying crunch of KARU Cacao will “wow” you!

Produced Consciously – KARU Cares

Great flavour was not enough for us, so we ensured that our product production is vegan and does not have gluten from start to finish. We also wanted a vegan sweet that is better for you than some of the high sugar alternatives, so we reduced the sugar content to as low as possible while not compromising on taste. KARU Cacao should therefore be the perfect fix for your chocolate cravings.

Like you environmentally conscious vegans, we believe that we should work to protect the forests which have given us these wonderful natural products. We therefore donate one percent of revenues to organizations that protect the forest. You can find the organizations we selected to support initially here. As we grow, we are looking to create impact in this way, as well as doing no harm with our recyclable pouches. KARU Cares, check it out!

Have you tried our KARU Cacao? It’s a vegan sweet that tastes different from the rest, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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You can order KARU online through our website by clicking below. We currently deliver to the UK. We only just launched but are also working get into stores near you.

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Yes, our production process is vegan and does not include any gluten from start to packing. Our nuts are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Veganuary is a challenge to practice a vegan lifestyle and diet for the month of January. We love it, as it gives people the chance to reset after the often glutenous holiday period and see to what extent they can integrate veganism into their life. It is run by a UK nonprofit organisation with the same name that promotes and educates people about veganism. You can find them here.

We listed some of the great sites that cover the limited selection of vegan sweets below. They list some of our favourites when we are not snacking on KARU.



Born in Brazil. Hand roasted in the UK.

  • Our founder is from Brazil where cashews just taste better and with KARU we’re bringing these flavours to you
    • Cashew trees and nuts originate from the Brazilian forest that KARU will also work to protect by donating one of revenues
  • KARU is available in two flavours packed in 150g recyclable and resealable pouches
    • KARU Cacao – Cashew Nuts with a thin coat of Cacao Salted Caramel
    • KARU Cashew – Cashews roasted with a sprinkling of Salt
  • KARU is full of plant-powered protein, minerals, and fibre
    • It is also vegan, gluten-free and has no added oils



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